The centerpiece of Viewpointsystem is the VPS 16 glasses.

Thanks to the stereoscopic cameras in the wings of the nose, these eye hyper-tracking glasses enable the tracking of spatial viewing for the first time. This makes it possible to record exactly which spatial level the wearer is looking at. Gesture control or remote control for repairs of sensitive machinery and other devices, for example, can thus be handled with much more fine precision. To this is added an extremely robust light sensitivity that also enables reliable results outdoors and in suddenly changing light conditions. The visual capacity of the glasses can be adjusted to the wearer and contact lenses can be used conveniently in combination with the eye tracking glasses.

The calibration time of the glasses is very short compared to other industry solutions and they can quickly be adjusted to the wearer and be used after little delay. Once calibrated, the eye hyper-tracking glasses can be used conveniently and inconspicuously anytime and for hours at a time.