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Discover modular and multimodal measurement tools for R&D, robotics, HMI, and engineering. Customize it to your specific needs and get a full access to all the data, at anytime.

“TEA technologies are an important lever to enrich our research protocols, as well as for our pedagogical approaches of user centered innovation”. Mauricio Camargo, Directeur de l’ERPI, UNIVERSITÉ DE LORRAINE 


“Our research team is developing an elderly health monitoring system. Essentially, CAPTIV equipment is used to measure behavioral characteristics of older people. The instrument is reliable and easy to use for measurement data.” Se-Jin Park, principal research scientist at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science



CAPTIV L7000 Premier

Keep total control over your cost while gaining time to deploy your projects, with CAPTIV L7000 Premier - the only software dedecated to sensors with a guaranteed implementation and performance, along with a dedicated service and support.

Synchronize measurement systems, videos, recording of all data and raw measurements from different sensors measurement systems. Visualize measures in real-time and get access to raw and calculated data, then export files in various formats (.CSV, .TXT, .EDF, .SPSS)


World-class, robust, non-invasive and wireless sensors.

For every application, even the most complex industrial environments, with a physiological, video and VR multi-sensor synchronization.

Partner Solutions


CAPTIV is compatible with many other sensors and measurement systems partners (glasses or remote eyetrackers, electromyography, MoCap, EEG etc.) and also works with all types of cameras (digital camcorders, smartphones, GoPro, webcams) with perfectly controlled synchronizations.

With CAPTIV, you'll be able to synchronize, display, analyze and handle your data in an unique software platform. Identify the relevant elements of a study and easily integrate them into your reports and files.