CAPTIV Activity

Observation and activity analysis software

Chronicle of activities, behavioral analysis, work cycle, etc.

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Innovative tool

A tool supporting processes’ digitalization


Time saving

Interpretation times divided by 4


Immediate results

Detailed statistics and analysis automatically available

Activity observation


Record the activity to analyze from any type of device (phone, GoPro, Camera, etc.)

Immediate results

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State duration analysis

Get results on the number of task duration and occurrence

Also available: frequency, average, standard deviation, etc.

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Task Transition Analysis

Get an analysis of the anteriority and posteriority of tasks compared to each other

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Simultaneity analysis

Analyze the tasks performed at the same time

Examples of use

Chronicle of activity

Task observation and identification, with duration analysis

Behavioral observation


Behavioral observation during the completion of a task to analyze the gestures and the completion time

Prescribed vs. actual work comparison

Observation of the gap between prescribed and actual work


Measurement synchronization platform for human behavior analysis

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