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Harness the power of an adaptable and scalable solution for analyzing worker activity throughout their work environment thanks to a multi-factorial analysis. Supports tough environments and ready in no time, for quick and efficient results.

“CAPTIV allows me to save me a lot of time and it makes my postural exposure analysis much more reliable.” Cyrielle BLONDÉ, Ergonomist, ENGIE AXIMA


“CAPITV is a truly innovative way to measure the ergonomics of our current and future activities at Alstom, by capturing reliable and accurate data.” Anaïs Richard, Ergonomist, Alstom 


“The CAPTIV Motion range of products represents a powerful diagnosis and communication tool when it comes to reducing MSDs through ergonomics. We use it for every company we’re working with.” Sébastien Maes, CARSAT Hauts-de-France.



Adaptable and scalable solution to scan workers in all their working environment thanks to a  multifactorial analysis covering:

- posture,

-load bearing,

- musculoskeletal constraints,

- repetitive movements and vibration.

Quick reports and graphs to visualize the key data and act on it. 


 World-class, robust, non-invasive and wireless sensors.

For every application, even the most complex industrial environments, with a physiological, video and VR multi-sensor synchronization.

Partner solutions


CAPTIV is compatible with many other sensors and measurement systems partners (glasses or remote eyetrackers, electromyography, MoCap, EEG etc.) and also works with all types of cameras (digital camcorders, smartphones, GoPro, webcams) with perfectly controlled synchronizations.

With CAPTIV, you'll be able to synchronize, display, analyze and handle your data in an unique software platform.

Workplaces services

TEA’s range of service offers responsiveness, availability, confidentiality, respect of the commitments.


Rely on an efficient remote or on-site assistance, where every question or issue is quickly addressed by international experts. Additionally, we also offer after-purchase maintenance and support.


Let us know your specific needs for data acquisition or analysis: we can customize our software and develop unique sensors and measurement systems to meet your requirements.


TEA also offers trainings based on the world-famous CAPTIV solution.  Learn how to assess a risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), including postural analysis, heart rate and muscle activity. Learn how to use analysis methods that comply with INRS and AFNOR standards.