in action,
in innovation

VR Compatible


Leverage virtual solutions to address real-world challenges: place individuals in a virtual reality experience, and benefit from advanced analysis of interactions with the scene.

Software platforms

Virtual Reality


Explore cognitive immersion, measure the reaction of subjects and discover the possible interactions in a scenario with a software dedicated to Virtual Reality. Interfacing all TEA sensors, it will let you access real-time analysis, study behaviors and postures.


Sensor Solutions

Custom development 


Harness the potential of a specific measurement systems based on the existing "bricks" with an unit of temperatures measurements on humans body, integration of GPS measurements and of course custom reports.


Partner Solutions


CAPTIV is compatible with many other sensors and measurement systems partners (glasses or remote eyetrackers, electromyography, MoCap, EEG etc.) and also works with all types of cameras (digital camcorders, smartphones, GoPro, webcams) with perfectly controlled synchronizations.


With CAPTIV, you'll be able to synchronize, display, analyze and handle your data in an unique software platform. Identify the relevant elements of a study and easily integrate them into your reports and files.


Innovation services

TEA’s range of service offers responsiveness, availability, confidentiality, respect of the commitments.


Rely on an efficient remote or on-site assistance, where every question or issue is quickly addressed by international experts. Additionally, we also offer after-purchase maintenance and support.


Ask us about specific data acquisition or analysis requirement : we can tailor our softwares and develop unique sensors and measuring systems which meet your needs.


TEA also offers trainings solutions, using the world-famous CAPTIV solution as a training material. Discover how to measure TMS, postures and hardness, but and learn how to use analysis modules that meet INRS, AFNOR, RULA and FRIMAT standards.