Measurement synchronization platform for human behavior analysis

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Multimodal tool

All measurements and videos centralized and synchronized. Combine the power of our sensors with partner systems: eyetracking, EEG, etc.


Accessible data

Full access to all raw data Import/export any type of file


Advanced analysis and results

Display, processing and analysis capabilities of CAPTIV

T-sens Motion

Wireless sensor for human body motion measurement

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Activity observation


Record the activity to analyze with any type of device (phone, GoPro, Camera, etc.)

Immediate results

Data display

Display your videos, measurements, and your observation protocols all in sync

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Data Analysis (PL)

One-click detailed analysis

  • Angular analysis
  • Muscle analysis
  • Cardiac analysis
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Report generation

Export your data and analysis in a single click

VR compatibility

Integration of any data set in a virtual reality environment

CAPTIV Activity

Observation and activity analysis software

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