CAPTIV software now compatible with Xsens sensors

February 15th, 2022

The CAPTIV software is now compatible with Xsens sensors and the real-time flow of the MVN software. Recording and synchronization are managed in a “plug and play” way by CAPTIV. 


Xsens users can thus benefit from the numerous functionalities which make the success of the CAPTIV integrator software: 

  •  Automatic synchronization with :
    • Videos and observation data 
    • All the physiological sensors of T.E.A. : EMG, ECG, GSR, Respiration, T°, … 
    • Eyetrackers type “glasses” and “bars” 
    • EEG systems with wet or dry electrodes 
    • Deslsys Trigno EMG 
    • ProComp and FlexComp from Thought Technology 
    • Any sensor and third party system with trigger exchange 
    • Virtual reality environments under Unity3D

  • Compatible with
    • CAPTIV postural analysis modules with visualization of comfort angles,
    • Statistics and cross-analysis with all the recorded modalities,


  • Export of all raw data and results.