Introducing CAPTIV's new feature: Activity Analysis, the new module that will enable you to obtain all your activity logs automatically by AI.

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An innovative tool

An automatic analysis of workplaces


A time profit

A segmentation from postural measurements


Instant results

Detailed statistics and analysis available automatically

Observations comparison

Visual annotation of the work places

Visual definition of beginning and ending times

Estimated time for 1h of video: 4h of manual observation

Instant results

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Analysis of status duration

Perform a laborious manual analysis to obtain reliable results.

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Analysis of

Get all your results in an instant, while keeping quality and reliable data.

Also available : frequency, frequency, mean, standard deviation, etc.

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Analysis of tasks transitions

Get an analysis between anteriority and posterity of tasks


Activity chronicle

Observation and identification of realized tasks and analysis of durations

Behavioural observation


Behaviour observation during tasks to analyze stances and realization time

Comparison between prescibed and real work

Comparison between prescibed work and the real one


A measurements synchronisation plateform to study the human behaviour

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