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TEA - TECH ERGO APPLIQUÉES CAPTIV software and wireless sensors

  • Overview

    • CAPTIV: flexible and scalable software and hardware solution enabling the synchronous recording, display and analysis of multiple data sources and inputs,
    • Wireless unobtrusive sensors for 3D Motion (IMU), EMG, EKG, Temperature, Respiration, GSR, Acceleration, Load cell and more,
    • Video recordings from webcams, cameras, …
    • Integrated third-party devices and sensors : remote and portable eyetrackers, wireless EEG headsets, …
  • Key Functions

    • Wireless sensors (IMU and others) with unchallenged robustness,
    • Portable wireless 32-channels datalogger for field recordings - no need for PC on site,
    • Real-time 16-channels wireless receiver for lab/simulation setups,
    • Trigger in/out for synchronizing with customer’s own hardware,
    • TCP/IP software server for live streaming to customer’s own application: simulation, VR (Unity3D plugin), etc.
    • CAPTIV-L7000 Premier software for in-depth analysis and all data export.
  • Benefits

    • Turnkey integrated solution, scalable and user-friendly,
    • Applicable for R&D, real-world studies and Virtual Reality setups,
    • No headache when synchronizing multiple datastreams from multiple sensors,
    • Ease of operation, playback and analysis with customizable results and reports.