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NeuroSens Institute

The Neurosens Institute is a training organization whose mission is to support health, education and rehabilitation professionals, as well as performance and sports specialists with superior biofeedback (BFB) and neurofeedback (NFB).


TEA has partnered with Neurosens Institute and provides measurement equipment for the practice of NeuroFeedBack (NFB) and BioFeedBack (BFB). These equipments, developed by Thought Technology company, are the best compromise for the practice of NFB and BFB.


The Neurosens Institute has developed several original methods of remediation based on the close links between body and brain. They were able to help many children struggling with motor (DCD, postural disorders), learning (dyslexia, dysphasia), cognitive (ADD, ADHD) or emotional (emotional regulation, anxiety) difficulties, but also adults facing chronic pain disorders, balance and stress maladjustment.


The courses offered include these methods by adapting them to children and adults seeking effective, natural and humanistic solutions. They also let health professionals embrace this global approach and give them access to these methods, thanks to a serious training recognized internationally and offer them a rigorous accompaniment which is crucial to their best application.


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